The MicroM Series of Infrared Detection Modules from VIGO Photonics

The infrared detection module offered by VIGO Photonics combines an infrared photodetector, heat dissipation systems, optics, signal processing electronics, and other components in a regular package.

This integration makes detectors less susceptible to overbias, electromagnetic interferences, electrostatic discharges, and other environmental exposures. It also provides other benefits, like output signal standardization, enhanced high-frequency (HF) performance, cost reduction, and miniaturization.

VIGO Photonics provides detection modules that are integrated with an infrared detector. The modules are improved for uncooled temperatures and also for temperatures that can be realized with Peltier-cooler operation in the spectral range from 2 to 12 μm. Many circuit designs have been particularly designed to boost the performance of the modules in a variety of applications.

IR radiation produced by an object is directed towards the active region of an IR detector, creating photoelectric signals that are subsequently perceived by the front-end electronics (FEE).

The FEE circuitry is generally used to:

  • Intensify the signal within the needed frequency band. This can be realized by ensuring that the preamplifier noise makes minimal contribution to the ensuing noise of the detection module.
  • Shield detector elements from overbias
  • Offer ideal conditions to ease the operation of IR detectors (to obtain high sensitivity, a wide dynamic range, and rapid response). This is generally realized with improved constant voltage bias and also with the current mode of the photoelectric signal readout.

Besides the front-end electronics, detection modules may also contain extra electronic blocks for signal conditioning, such as analog-digital converters (ADC), filters, gain blocks, thermoelectric cooler controllers, and other components.

MicroM Series

Equipped with an uncooled photovoltaic multiple junction detector, the MicroM series is a micro-size detection module that has been optimized to work in the spectral range between 2 and 12 µm, and a frequency bandwidth ranging from DC to 10 MHz.

The MicroM modules can be easily assembled in space-constrained systems of long-wavelength infrared applications.

Source:  VIGO Photonics

Image Name Optimal wavelength λopt, µm Optical area Ao, mm×mm Detectivity D* (λopt), cm·Hz1/2/W Output voltage responsivity Rv (λopt, RL=50 Ω), V/W   -3 dB Bandwidth Datasheet
microM-10.6 10.6 1×1 ≥9.0x106 ≥8.0x101 DC to ≥ 10 MHz  

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