InAs/InAsSb Photovoltaic Detectors

In photovoltaic detectors, or photodiodes, the semiconductor layer is composed of InAsSb or InAs materials. Charge carriers produced by absorbed photons accumulate at the photodiodes, which have complex current-voltage properties.

The detectors can either work with reverse voltage or at flicker-free zero bias. Such detectors are mercury-free and cadmium-free. The detectors therefore fulfill the RoHS directive and are suitable for the consumer market.

All InAs and InAsSb Photovoltaic Detectors

Source:  VIGO Photonics 

Image Name Cooling Immersion Optimal wavelength
λopt, µm
Detectivity D*(λopt),
Package Time
τ, ns
PVA-3 Uncooled No     TO39 ≤20
PVA-5 Uncooled No     TO39 ≤60
PVA-2TE-3 Two-stage TE cooled No     TO8 ≤15
PVA-2TE-5 Two-stage TE cooled No     TO8 ≤15
PVIA-3 Uncooled Yes     TO39 ≤20
PVIA-5 Uncooled Yes     TO39 ≤15
PVIA-2TE-3 Two-stage TE cooled Yes     TO8 ≤15
PVIA-2TE-5 Two-stage TE cooled Yes     TO8 ≤5

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