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Aura™ Series Absolute Optical Encoder

Celera Motion, specializing in precision motion component and sub-system solutions and a business unit of Novanta Corporation, has announced the addition of the Aura™ absolute optical encoder series to its range of linear optical and precision rotary encoders equipped with MicroE technology.

The Aura™ Series utilizes a short wavelength LED for accurate absolute position decoding. An advanced sensor and an incremental scale track generate pure sinewave signals, allowing high-resolution interpolation with run-speeds higher than 80,000 rpm.

With generous alignment tolerances for convenient installation, together with high precision and repeatability, the Aura™ Series is the encoder of choice for even the most challenging applications.

Eccentricity, which is induced by off-center scale mounting and bearing runout, is the biggest source of angular error. A pair of encoders is generally used to offset the error that increases power consumption and cost. The Aura™ Series resolves this eccentricity issue with its integrated compensation algorithm and thus prevents the requirement for the second encoder.

Customer demands continue to increase for higher levels of repeatability and accuracy. The Aura Absolute Chip Encoder and its built-in eccentricity compensation better meet customer requirements in critical component applications. Aura’s ease of installation and absolute position feedback allows it to deploy faster and provide reliable performance when space is a premium: therefore, this translates into saving time and money.

Mike Mainvielle, VP Product Management and Marketing, Celera Motion

Benefits of the Aura™ Series are given below:

  • Absolute position feedback for high volume designs and high performance
  • Integrated eccentricity compensation for easier installation and minimal angle error
  • High resolution and precision for precision control requirements
  • Broad alignment tolerances offer ease of integration, leading to higher productivity
  • In-depth connectivity fulfills industry-standard interface needs, such as SSI, SPI and BiSS-C
  • Low-power dissipation for tight-temperature budget applications
  • Global application support is provided to meet the integration challenges of customers
  • AqB plus index offers extra incremental data to be utilized as secondary position information

The Aura™ Series is an optimal solution meant for high volume OEM applications, including but not limited to:

  • Semiconductors
  • Surgical robots
  • Wearables and exoskeletons
  • Cobots, grippers and robot joints

This Aura™ encoder will tackle the scales, spanning from 16 to 45 mm OD. In addition, two standard scale sizes are also available—OD 33 mm/ID 21 mm and OD 18 mm/ID 7 mm.

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