Non-Contact Measuring with Laser Triangulation Sensors

Riftek’s laser triangulation sensors have been designed for non-contact measuring and verifying displacement, dimensions, position, surface profile, vibrations, deformation, sorting, and sensing of technological objects. They can also be used to measure levels of liquid and bulk materials.

The series includes seven lines of models:

  • RF603—universal sensors with operating ranges of 2 to 1250 mm
  • RF603HS—high-speed sensors
  • RF609 (RF609Rt)—laser probes
  • RF600—large-base and long-range sensors
  • RF605—compact sensors
  • RF602—super compact sensors
  • RF60i—specialized laser sensors for pavement profile and texture measurement

 RF603 Series – Multi-purpose Laser Sensors 

26 models of:

  • Available with Red or Blue laser diodes
  • Varied diode powers for indoor or outdoor applications
  • Binocular sensors for laser scanning

RF602 Series – Super Compact Laser Sensors

6 models of:

  • Unique combination of dimensions, performance and operating ranges
  • Available with RED and BLUE laser diods

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RF603HS Series – High Speed Triangulation Sensors

25 models of:

  • Universal, high-speed laser sensor in compact case
  • Available in Red and Blue diode wavelengths
  • Ideal for capturing fast events and road profiling

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RF609 (RF609Rt) Series – Laser probes for holes inspection​

4 models of:

  • Special sensors for holes geometry measurement

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RF600 Series – Long-range/Large base Laser Sensors

12 models of:

  • Up to 2.5 m measurement range
  • Varied offset distances for custom applications
  • Available in Blue diode wavelength for measuring hot objects


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RF605 Series – Compact Laser Sensors

4 models of:

  • Sensors with excellent price/performance ratio

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RF60i Series – Specialized Laser Sensors for Pavement Profile and Texture Measurement

6 models of:

  • Round laser spot of <1 mm diameter
  • High resistance to solar radiation
  • Stable operation on wet surfaces

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Operation of the sensors is based on the principle of optical triangulation. Radiation of a semiconductor laser 1 is focused by a lens 2 onto an object 6. Radiation reflected by the object is collected by a lens 3 onto a linear CCD-array 4. A signal processor 5 calculates the distance to the object from the position of the light spot on the array 4.



The Riftek laser triangulation sensors are used for various high-precision non-contact measurements:

  • Object dimensions 


  • Object and target displacements


  • Thickness


  • Profiling


  • Objects sorting


  • Runout


3D Laser Scanning Using RF603 Sensor on an XY Stage


3D laser scanner. 3D лазерный сканнер
Laser scanning of the inner surface of the tubes using RF609-9/19 triangulation sensor







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