Riftek's Shaft Geometry Measurement Machine

The shaft geometry measurement machine available from RIFTEK enables accurate measurement of geometric parameters, such as conicity, ovality, and diameters, of the shaft-type parts.

Application field—large-scale production.

Shaft Geometry Measurement Machine RF800 Series


Specifications of the Shaft Geometry Measurement Machine RF800 Series

Note: Machine parameters can be changed for a specific task. 


The structure of the machine (without protective doors) is illustrated in Figure 3.

The machine contains a frame (1) on which a linear guide (2) of the linear translation system is installed. The linear guide has a carriage (3) driven by a stepper motor (4).

An optical micrometer (5) is installed on the carriage (3). The end sensors (not shown) are used to monitor the end positions of the micrometer. A table with two Morse tapers (6 and 7) is used to install the controlled shaft. The Morse tapers are mounted on a bar (8) located along the the linear guide. One of the end sensors is mounted on the upper taper, the latter can be reinstalled along the bar (8) in order to control the shafts of different lengths.

In addition, the machine has a caliber, which is a part of the upper Morse taper. The caliber is designed for an automatic re-calibration of the micrometer to eliminate the measurement error caused by a change in the temperature of the machine.

The machine contains a mini-computer (9) with a graphic touch screen. The mini-computer has the special software designed to control the machine and to display results. The mini-computer can be built into the machine (as shown in Figure 3), or it can be installed on the special stand (see Figure 4).



The back side of the machine has a power supply 220/24V (10) with a circuit breaker (11), connector for the foot switch (12), USB connector (13) for the USB drive (for example, for data transfer), and the Ethernet connector (14), for example, to connect to the PC.

After the measurement algorithm has been programmed (position and number of controlled zones along the shaft, tolerances, etc. - see the software description), the operator installs a shaft into the machine. After a command from the operator (by the foot switch, or by the softkey on the touch screen), the linear translation system moves the micrometer along the shaft. The data from the micrometer (shaft diameters in two mutually perpendicular cross sections) synchronized with the linear position of the micrometer comes to the computer where the required parameters are calculated (shaft diameter and shaft shape error).


Shaft Geometry Measurement Machine RF800 Series

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