Pipe ID Control System from Riftek

Pipe ID Control System from RIFTEK works based on a measurement principle called laser rescanning by a rotational triangulation sensor.


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The system’s operation depends on scanning the inner surface of the pipe with the help of a rotating triangulation laser sensor.

The system includes a base on which the linear translation mechanism, the interface module, and the controller are mounted. The rotation module on which the laser sensor is fitted is carried by the linear translation mechanism. Four connectors for power and interfaces can be found on the back of the system.

Figure 1. System structure.

The quantified pipe is mounted coaxially to the laser sensor. The laser sensor moves into the hole when the command is received from an external controller.

The sensor starts to rotate and scan the pipe’s inner surface, sends the polar coordinates of the surface (distance from the rotation axis quantified by the sensor and the corresponding angle of rotation) to the integrated computer to estimate the needed geometric parameters. The result is transferred to the external controller through PROFINET.



Pipe ID Control System


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