Type II Superlattice Photoconductive Detector with Excellent Parameters

The PCIAS-3TE-12-1×1-TO8-wZnSeAR-36 from VIGO is a Type II superlattice three-stage thermoelectrically cooled IR photoconductor that exhibits outstanding parameters. The detector element has been monolithically combined with hyper-hemispherical GaAs microlens to enhance the device’s performance.

It is essential for the photoconductive detector to work in current readout mode and optimum bias voltage. At low frequencies, performance is affected by 1/f noise. Thanks to the 3° wedged zinc selenide anti-reflection coated window (wZnSeAR), undesirable interference effects are eliminated.

The use of an optical chopper system is suggested to detect CW radiation. This detector does not have cadmium or mercury and is, therefore, compliant with the RoHS Directive.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Exhibits great linearity
  • Responsivity is very high
  • Based on optical immersion lens technology
  • High performance in the spectral range varying from 1.6 to 12.6 µm

Spectral response (Ta=20 °C).

Spectral response (Ta=20 °C). Image Credit: VIGO System

Specification (Ta = 20 °C)

Source: VIGO System

Parameter PCIAS-3TE-12-1×1-TO8-wZnSeAR-36
Active element material epitaxial superlattice heterostructure
Cut-on wavelength λcut-on (10%), µm 1.6±0.2
Peak wavelength λpeak, µm 8.0±1.0
Cut-off wavelength λcut-off (10%), µm 12.0±0.3
Detectivity D*(λpeak, 20 kHz), cm⋅Hz1/2/W ~2.0×109
Current responsivity Ripeak), A/W ~0.9
Time constant τ, ns ~4
Resistance R, Ω ~45
Bias voltage Vb, V typ. 0.5
1/f noise corner frequency fc, Hz typ. 20 k
Active element temperature Tdet, K ~210
Optical area AO, mm×mm 1×1
Package TO8
Acceptance angle, Φ ~36°
Window wZnSeAR


Mechanical Layout, mm

3TE-TO8 package.

3TE-TO8 package. Image Credit: VIGO System

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