Plug-in Temperature Sensor — a Smart Rooftop Monitoring System

The RT1 Smart Rooftop Monitoring System from Kipp & Zonen features sturdy housing that houses digital electronics and easily fits to the corner of a PV panel. The housing also incorporates a sensor that performs reliable measurements of the incoming plane of array solar irradiance.

The plug-in temperature sensor can be easily fitted to the back of the PV panel. All these features make RT1 the ideal solution to monitor the efficiency of commercial rooftop PV installations.


  • Can be fitted to a corner of any type of solar panel
  • Designed for rooftop PV installations
  • Irradiance and back panel temperature
  • Smart digital duo-sensor
  • ISO 9060 Class C


Source: Kipp & Zonen

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Irradiance 0 to 2000 W/m²
Resolution W/m2 1 W/m2
Spectral range (overall) 400 to 1100 nm
Non-stability (change/year) <1%
Non-linearity (0 to 100 W/m²) <1%
Operating temperature -40 to +80 °C
Calibration Against traceable reference pyranometer
PV panel temperature -20 to +100 °C, ±1 °C
Power supply 5 to 30 VDC
Power consumption 60 mW

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