MCT469-SF Washdown - In-Line Sensor for Moisture Measurement

The Process Sensors MCT469-SF is intended for use in washdown settings in the food and snack food manufacturing industries. The sensors assist operators in controlling moisture and oil/fat to ensure that product criteria are met every time. The IP69 rated MCT469-SF is developed with NIR technology, which is widely used and accepted in food processing.

MCT469-SF Washdown - In-Line Sensor for Moisture Measurement

Image Credit: KPM Analytics

MCT469-SF Washdown - In-Line Sensor for Moisture Measurement

Image Credit: KPM Analytics


  • The tough stainless-steel enclosure withstands extreme circumstances
  • Ensuring measurement stability by a proprietary temperature-controlled detector
  • Full food manufacturing washdown capability (IP69 rated)
  • Advanced on-board diagnostics to make troubleshooting simple
  • Easy operation, integration, and standardization across various lines and locations
  • All components are easily changeable in the field and are fully modular


  • Using the analysis data, make quick judgments and adjustments to the production process
  • Saving money and reducing waste will help the company’s bottom line
  • Achieve optimal control and final quality by taking precise moisture and oil/fat measurements


Process NIR Applications for Food Manufacturers

The MCT469-SF On-Line NIR Smart Sensor is utilized in food processing facilities that require an IP69 washdown rating, such as:


  • Milk powders
  • Oil-based flavorings
  • Extruded Snacks
  • Snack foods (popcorn, potato/corn chips, pretzels, pork rinds, cookies/crackers, tortillas, etc.)
  • Breakfast cereals

Tortilla Chips

Tortilla Chips. Image Credit: KPM Analytics


Popcorn. Image Credit: KPM Analytics

Potato Flakes

Potato Flakes. Image Credit: KPM Analytics

Pet Food & Snacks.

Pet Food & Snacks. Image Credit: KPM Analytics

How It Works

Proven Technology for Washdown Food Applications

The MCT469-SF NIR analyzers are installed into important regions of a manufacturing process to continually monitor incoming raw materials or regulate manufacturing operations. To monitor moisture, oil, and other on-line measures, each option is designed to connect easily over belt conveyors, auger/screw conveyors, or bins & chutes.

MCT469-SF Washdown - In-Line Sensor for Moisture Measurement

Image Credit: KPM Analytics

The MCT469-SF scanning process is simple but reliable:

  1. The lamp’s light is routed through a 2000 rpm revolving wheel with NIR filters suited for the purpose
  2. The product being measured is illuminated with NIR light
  3. A mirror within the unit captures the light reflected off the product and focuses it onto a Peltier Cooled lead sulfide detector.
  4. The on-board “smart” circuit board compares the detector’s output to the internal reference beam. The percentage of moisture, oil, and other factors are then calculated.

Sanitary Design

The MCT469-SF has an IP69 rating, which is the industry standard for food processing equipment. The sensor housing design has no welds, removing any potential for food contamination and making it perfect for Clean-in-Place (CIP) applications.

The MCT469-SF is also impervious to high-pressure cleaning or steam jets, making it a fully washable solution for determining moisture, oil, and other food quality criteria.

System Components

The MCT469-SF is a food-grade stainless-steel enclosure with a local display that features all of the system’s power, digital, and analog inputs. Most applications can now be installed quickly and easily.

MCT469-SF Components.

MCT469-SF Components. Image Credit: KPM Analytics


Operators can insert set-up parameters, execute or update calibrations, choose product codes, analyze internal diagnostic results, and remotely observe moisture, oil, and other parameters with the MCT466-SF’s proprietary ViewerSuite Windows®-based PC software.

Trend Screen with Logging Capabilities.

Trend Screen with Logging Capabilities. Image Credit: KPM Analytics

Simple Graphical Calibration Routine.

Simple Graphical Calibration Routine. Image Credit: KPM Analytics

Easy Diagnostics Page.

Easy Diagnostics Page. Image Credit: KPM Analytics

Installation Options

Over-Belt Conveyor

The MCT469-SF sensors are positioned 8–18 inches above the conveyor, ideally with continuous product flow.

Augers & Screw Conveyors

The MCT469-SF can be mounted on top of augers and screw conveyors to measure the flow of material being transported by the screw flights. The MCT469-SF is mounted offset to the side of the central shaft, and the instrument’s software eliminates the effect of passing aircraft.

Bins and Chutes

Sight glass windows, such as Sapphire, can be used for the continuous flow of products against the window.

MCT469-SF installed on a tortilla chip processing line.

MCT469-SF installed on a tortilla chip processing line. Image Credit: KPM Analytics


MCT469-SF Washdown - In-Line Sensor for Moisture Measurement

Image Credit: KPM Analytics

Available Accessories

  • Product loss sensor
  • Air cooling
  • Explosion proof enclosure
  • IR temp sensor
  • Air purge
  • Snorkel sampler
  • Fieldbus module
  • Cal Check Standard


MCT469-SF. Source: KPM Analytics

. .
Measured NIR Constituents 1,2, or 3 Simultaneously
Moisture Accuracy +/- 0.1%
Fats/oil Accuracy +/- 0.2%
Wet Basis Moisture Range Min. 0.1% Max. 60%
Dry Basis Moisture Range Min. 0.1% Max. 400%
Transmitter/Product Distance 200-450 mm (8-18”)
Calibration Codes 100
Outputs 4-20 mA, 0-10 V (isolated) RS-232 & RS485
Weight 7.7 kg (17 lbs)
Ambient Temperature 0-60 °C (32-140 °F), up to 80 °C with Cooling
Optional Operator Interface 5.7” Color Touch Screen LCD, 13 User-Selectable Languages
Power Power Only Comes From Local Operator Interface

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