Discover OTT Pluvio², A High Accuracy Rain Gauge

The OTT Pluvio2 is an all-weather precipitation gauge that measures the quantity and severity of rain, snow, and hail using cutting-edge weight-based technology.

Discover OTT Pluvio2, A High Accuracy Rain Gauge

Image Credit: OTT HydroMet

The OTT Pluvio2 uses a high-precision load cell and algorithms that account for wind, temperature, and evaporation to ensure the most accurate precipitation readings across a given time period. It was created in collaboration with the foremost meteorological services in the industry.

  • Measurement technology: Weighing principle
  • Interface: SDI-12 / RS-485, pulse
  • Parameters measured: Precipitation intensity, bucket content, and cumulative precipitation in real-time and non-real-time
  • Product Highlights: Conforms to WMO guideline No. 8, an all-weather precipitation gauge sans moving parts


  • Multiple communication interfaces: SDI-12, RS-485, and Pulse Output options
  • Virtually maintenance-free operation: Lifetime factory calibration, drift-free metrics, and sturdy protective housing, which reduces the need for field service visits for the instrument
  • For highly exposed areas, a wind protection shield is provided
  • Accurate measurement: With accumulation and intensity observations and filter algorithms to account for wind, temperature, and evaporation, precipitation accuracy is within 0.004 inches
  • Easy installation onto 4” pipes
  • Simple software installation and a USB port for PC connectivity
  • To stop snow from building up on the sensor, there is a heated ring option
  • The device is perfect for distant regions since it has solar panel power choices

Examples of Use

  • Monitoring Road Conditions: For a precise representation of driving conditions, general visibility measures are integrated with precipitation amount and composition
  • Precipitation Measurement: Assessment of rain, snow, hail, and sleet in all monitoring situations, including distant areas without power supplies, on a continuous, real-time basis
  • Early Flood Warning: The Pluvio2 serves as the core of an early flood warning system when paired with water level sensors

Technical Data

Source: OTT HydroMet

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Types of precipitation liquid, solid, and mixed
Collecting area 200 cm² and 400 cm²
Collection volume 1500 mm/m² and 750 mm/m²
Measuring range 200 cm²  
Intensity RT / measuring interval 1 minute 12.00 ... 1800.00 mm/h, 0.20 ... 30 mm/min
Amount RT/NRT, amount NRT, amount total NRT 0.10 ... 500.00 mm
Bucket content, RT and NRT 20.00 ... 1600.00 mm
Measuring range 400 cm²  
Intensity RT / measuring interval 1 minute 6.00 ...1800.00 mm/h, 0.10 ... 30 mm/min
Amount RT/NRT, amount NRT, amount total NRT 0.10 ... 500.00 mm
Bucket content, RT and NRT 20.00 ... 850.00 mm
Accuracy (at - 25 ...+45 °C)  
Amount, absolute (60 minutes collection time) ± 0.05 mm
Intensity ± 0.1 mm/min or ± 6 mm/h
Impulse output 0.1 mm
SDI-12 and RS-485 0.01 mm/min, 0.01 mm/min or mm/h
Intensity output interval 1 minute
Output delay RT 20 seconds; NRT 5 minutes
Query interval 6 seconds .... 60 minutes
USB configuration/service mode and firmware update
Serial interfaces SDI-12 or RS 485
Digital outputs impulse 0.1 mm (configurable) and status (0 ... 120 impulses/min; configurable 5 or 2Hz )
Measurement output intensity RT; amount RT/NRT, amount NRT, amount total NRT, bucket content RT and NRT; temperature of load cell, status Pluvio², status heating (if present)
Electrical and mechanical data  
Sensor element sealed load cell
Power supply 10 ... 28 VDC
Power/current consumption typ. 12 mA at 12 V
Ring heating, optional Pluvio² 200: 24 VDC / 50 Watt
Pluvio² 400: 24 VDC / 100 Watt
Dimensions (Ø x h)  
OTT Pluvio² 200 / 400 450 mm x 740 mm / 450 mm x 660 mm
Pedestal (Ø) 110-120 mm ( 4 ')
Weight (bucket empty) 15 kg
Material for base plate / bucket / pipe housing stainless steel, aluminium / polyethylene / ASA, UV- resistant
Environmental conditions  
Temperature, in operation -40 ... +60 °C
Temperature, storage -50 ... +70 °C
Relative humidity 0 ... 100% (non-condensed)
Housing IP54, resistant to salt fog
Load cell / electronics IP67 / IP64
EMC EN 61000-4-2/4/5/6, Level 5 (4 kV) EM/EMI EN 61000-4-3, CE conformity
RT = real- time; NRT = non real-time ; units can be configured in mm or in (inch) and °C or °F

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