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CO2 Sensor SCD4x

The SCD4x is Sensirion’s next-generation miniature CO₂ sensor that offers an unmatched price-to-performance ratio. Tape and reel packaging and its SMD assembly processing make the SCD4x ideal for high-volume applications.

This sensor builds on the photoacoustic sensing principle and Sensirion’s patented PASens® and CMOSens® Technology to enable unmatched small sensor size combined with high performance. SMD compatibility and the small footprint allow cost- and space-effective integration to boost freedom of design for customers.

The integrated best-in-class humidity and temperature sensor enables superior on-chip signal compensation and additional RH and T outputs.

Finally, the large supply voltage (2.4 V – 5.5 V), the robustness towards external stresses, and the adjustable power consumption make the SCD4x ideal for varying customer needs.

Learn more about the SCD4x on the website.

Download the datasheet here. 

SCD4x CO2 Sensor Evaluation Kit: Introduction

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