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SFM4xxx Pressure-Resistant Flow Sensor

The mass flow meter SFM4300 offers better sensitivity and precision even at low flow rates.

In contrast to its predecessor, the mass flow meter SFM4100, the tiny, compact sensor can also track gas mixing. It is calibrated for air, O2, CO2, and N2O gases.

With a total range of up to 50 slm and zero-point precision of 0.005 slm, the SFM4300 enables accurate concentration adjustment in various mixtures.

The sensor device has an I2C interface and generates a temperature-compensated and fully calibrated output signal. The mass flow sensor is suitable for medical and industrial gas mixing, as well as fuel cells and other OEM applications.

Sensirion offers gas mixing sensor systems in addition to inspiratory, expiratory, and proximal flow monitoring. These sensors are frequently found in anesthetic machines and are built into the entire machine. If there is a requirement to assure the patient’s safety while obtaining exact, repeatable readings, the flow sensors in the machine must be consistent and trustworthy throughout the equipment’s service life.

As a result, the Sensirion SFM4000 series is an excellent choice. It comes in two models: SFM4300 and SFM4200. The SFM4300 sensor can operate at up to 6 bar pressures, storing numerous gas calibrations and even self-testing while in use. The SFM4300 is the chosen option for safety and dependability.

The SFM4200 sensor is highly pressure resistant, ensuring accurate readings at pressure surges of up to 8 bar. It has a signal processing time of 0.5 ms, which makes it extremely rapid and precise. Customers benefit from an increased measuring range of up to 160 liters per minute.

Sensirion Flow Sensors – Gas Mixing in Respiratory Devices (Anesthesia, Ventilation)

Video Credit: Sensirion AG

Sensirion Gas Flow Sensors

Video Credit: Sensirion AG


Source: Sensirion AG

Gas flow  
Full scale flow rate 0 - 20 slm
Typical accuracy ±2% m.v.
Calibration Air, O₂, N₂O, CO₂ and mixtures thereof
Sensor output Flow and T
Maximum operating pressure 6 bar
Fluidic connector ports Downmount
Supply voltage 3 - 5.5 V
Max. supply current 10000 uA
Interfaces I²C
Size (LxWxH) 92.5 x 32 x 29.3 mm³

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