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SEN6x for Indoor Air Quality

With the portable and effective SEN6x sensor platform, experience the air quality sensing of the future. It can monitor up to nine environmental parameters (PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10, RH, T, VOC Index, NOx Index, CO2, or HCHO) and integrates several sensors in a never-before-seen form factor. The creative design makes modification possible, lowers costs, and makes integration easier.

The SPS6x, a brand-new, miniature MEMS-based particulate matter sensor component, serves as the brain of the SEN6x.


Source: Sensirion AG

Particulate matter
Mass concentration range 0 - 1000 μg/m³
Typ. temperature accuracy 0.45 °C
Typ. relative humidity accuracy 4.5% RH
Measurement range 0 - 40,000 ppm
Accuracy: Baseline ±50 ppm
Sensor output 0-500 VOC Index
Measurement range 0 - 1000 ppb
Accuracy ±20% m.v.
Interfaces I²C
Size (LxWxH) 54 x 24 x 22 mm³

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