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SGM64xx–Gas Meter Modules

The SGM64xx are next-generation gas meter modules, ready for the future of hydrogen. Each module reaches MID precision with natural gas, LNG, biomethane, hydrogen mixes, and pure hydrogen.

The maximum flow range of hydrogen is more than three times that of natural gas, meaning that no meter change is required when natural gas in the network is progressively replaced by hydrogen.

Thermal-mass gas meter modules

Video Credit: Sensirion AG

Thermal-mass gas meter modules: Hydrogen ready

Video Credit: Sensirion AG


Source: Sensirion AG

Gas metering
Meter class 1.5
Gas type Natural gas + up to 23% H2, pure H2
Flow range G1.6/G2.5/G4/G6/G10/G16/G25
Supply voltage 2.7 - 3.6 V
Max. supply current 15 uA
Interfaces I²C
Size (LxWxH) 76.7 x 44.6 x 40 mm³

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