SHT401xxx–Humidity and Temperature Sensor

Sensirion’s 4th generation humidity sensing series is being expanded with the digital SHT4xI sensor platform, built for challenging industrial applications. The SHT40I and SHT41I accuracy versions feature 5 V supply voltage, the greatest robustness, and enhanced ESD protection.

Sensirion’s renowned CMOSens® Technology underpins the SHT4xI, ensuring maximum dependability. With its wide operating voltage range, compact size, and durable housing, the sensor offers smooth integration. The SHT4xI is ideal for measurements in harsh circumstances in industrial applications due to its capabilities and Sensirion’s significant knowledge in humidity sensing.


Source: Sensirion AG

Typ. relative humidity accuracy 2% RH
Operating relative humidity range 0 - 100% RH
Response time (τ63%) 4 s
Typ. temperature accuracy 0.2 °C
Operating temperature range -40 - 125 °C
Response time (τ63%) 2 s
Supply voltage 2.3 - 5.5 V
Average supply current 21 uA
Interfaces I²C
Size (LxWxH) 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.5 mm³
Packaging size 10,000 pcs (T&R)

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