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GS-3C Land Case For 3 Component Geophone Arrays from Seismic Equipment Solutions LP

The GS-3C Waterproof Land Case orients three geophones in the standard V/H1/H2 configuration for three component recording. The geophones are secured in specially designed retainer cavities that are built into the case. The axis of each geophone is clearly indicated on the case top, which also houses a large, easy-to-read level bubble. The case bottom accommodates up to 4 spikes for maximum stability when planted, or can be fitted with an arctic base.

The GS-3C Land Case is well suited for both 3-D and 4-D applications. It is constructed from strong thermoplastic resins that maintain long term integrity even in the harshest of environments. The patented PCB Anchor/Takeout accepts up to 9-conductor leader and provides reliable electrical contact and strong cable anchoring. The molded silicone-rubber case seal prevents any water penetration and eliminates the need for internal potting.

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