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LLC210D3-001 Liquid Level Sensors SST Sensing Ltd

The liquid level sensor provides a single point detection via a TTL compatible output. An infra-red LED and phototransistor accurately positioned at the base of the cone ensure good optical coupling between the two when the sensor is in air. When the sensor’s cone isimmersed in liquid, the infra-red light escapes from the cone causing a change in the amount of light at the phototransistor which makes the output change state.


Proper fluids should be selected based on type of contamination to be removed. SST Sensing recommends freon and alcohol based solvents. DO NOT use chlorinated solvents such as tricholorethane as these are likely to attack the sensor material.

Liquid Media Compatibility

Before use check that the fluid in which you wish to use these devices is compatible with polysulphone.

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