FSF109 2-Wire Photoelectric Smoke Detector from Federal Signal Corporation

The Federal Signal model FSF109 Two–wire Photoelectric Smoke Detector and the FSF110SB Two–wire Ionization Smoke Detector are designed to provide notification at a UL Listed Fire Alarm Control Panel when smoke is present. Each unit provides a localized indication of stand–by and alarm conditions via a built in status LED. The FSF109 Smoke Detector includes a removable cover for easy cleaning, a local switch for field testing, and a sealed design to minimize dust and insect intrusion.

The Federal Signal model FSF109 Photoelectric detector is designed to detect smoke through its effects on light. This makes the device highly effective at detecting a smoldering fire long before it bursts into flames. Drift compensation and smoothing algorithms are standard to minimize false activation. The model FSF110SB Ionization Smoke Detector reacts to the changes in ionized particles, making it better at detecting a flaming or quickly consuming fire. With this design, the FSF110SB can detect smoke not visible to the naked eye. Both detectors are capable of detecting a fast–flaming fire, however for complete protection and notification, a heat detector, duct detector and an audible/visual alarm may be purchased separately.

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