H2S Gas Sensors from RKI Instruments, Inc.

The RKI direct connect series gas sensors are highly reliable and very cost effective for the detection of common gas hazards. The direct connect series are available for LEL, H2 Specific LEL, Oxygen, H2S, CO, CO2, and for a variety of toxic gases. The sensors for LEL, Oxygen, H2S, Carbon Monoxide, and carbon dioxide are explosion-proof with flame arrestors, and approved for use in hazardous areas (Class 1, Groups B, C, D). An optional non-explosion proof version is available for oxygen in non-hazardous atmospheres.

The direct connect sensors can be used in two different ways. The sensors can be mounted directly to the controllers as a complete stand alone system, or they can be mounted to explosion proof junction boxes for remote detection.


  • Water repellent patented sensor coating(except toxics)
  • Available for LEL, H2, O2, CO, H2S, and CO2
  • Available Toxic gases include Cl2, NH3, SO2, and more
  • Long life sensors (2 + years typical)
  • Explosion proof construction (Class I, Div. 1 for enclosure, Class I, Div. 2 for sensor)

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