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Thermocouples from Skyl-Tech, Inc.

Skyl-Tech provides the ultimate thermocouple configuration for validation work. Our Teflon®- and Kapton®-encapsulated* or bare-tipped thermocouples use only the finest grade of stranded Type "T" thermocouple wire. Only stranded wire holds a usable calibration during repeated manipulation in a sterilizer, freeze dryer or oven.

Tip covers on each thermocouple guard against damage and oxidation and prevent leaks during vacuum and steam phases. Skyl-Tech's standard soft-tip thermocouples are sheathed in a rounded, polished Teflon® tip - with a smooth transition between the tip and the wire insulation, allowing easy insertion and removal from Skyl-Tech's line of pressure and vacuum FEEDTHRUs™. Our thermocouples also feature a fused FEP cap for use with Teflon<®-insulated thermocouples. Finally, shrink-wrapped number rings make each wire easy to identify and thermocouple connectors speed up attachment to data loggers.

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