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TMS 9000 Rotary Torque Measurement System from Honeywell

The TMS 9000 torque measurement system represents an advanced generation of rotary transformer sensors designed to operate entirely in the digital domain for enhanced accuracy and versatility. The TMS 9000 series physically integrates rotor electronics and telemetry into one element, with all set-up and output controlled through computer software. This digital wireless telemetry system supplies power to the rotating sensor, supports two-way communications and provides wide testing capabilities. More than a stand-alone sensor, the specially designed TMS 9000 is a complete torque measurement system, with standard analog, frequency and digital outputs. Fully software driven, the durable TMS 9000 utilizes a custom 16-bit digital wireless telemetry system, which maximizes resolution and frequency response while also being able to provide excitation power across the wireless gap. System set-up can be changed “on-the-fly” without affecting calibration.

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