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Microwave Radiometer from MICROCURE

EIT’s MicroCureTM measurement system is comprised of two separate stand-alone items; the data collection radiometer which is placed in the ultraviolet (UV) environment to be measured, and a DataReader which reads and displays the measurement results from the radiometer.

The UV integrating radiometer is a microprocessor-based, electro-optical instrument that measures and accumulates the total UV energy that is applied to the measurement surface of
the instrument. The MicroCure TM radiometer measures the total amount of UV energy that would be impinged on a work piece passing through the curing system and the peak UV
irradiance. The radiometer combines very small physical size and adaptability to address a variety of demanding physical and thermal measurement environments.


  • Small Size: 1.3” x 0.95” x 0.25”
  • Lightweight: 0.33 ounces
  • Measures total energy density in Joules/cm2
  • Measures peak power density in Watts/cm2
  • Battery powered
  • High sample rate: 2000 Samples per second
  • Automatic operation
  • High temperature resistance

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