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ES-Accelerating Rate Calorimeter from Thermal Hazard Technology

The Accelerating Rate Calorimeter is the most widely used and respected adiabatic calorimeter in the world and provides a quantitative analysis of the temperature and pressure generation for a process. This allows optimum conditions to be employed whilst ensuring inherently safe operation.

Developed by The Dow Chemical Company, the Accelerating Rate Calorimeter is in use in over 200 laboratories around the world and the re-engineered instrument offered by Thermal Hazard Technology extends the ease of use and application of the original. In addition to a strong and durable calorimeter and enclosure, options allow for vent sizing, gas sampling, battery safety testing and low temperature testing. The semi-automated data analysis yields temperature and pressure rates, self-heat rate, time to maximum rate and temperature of no return amongst other parameters.

The Accelerating Rate Calorimeter is in use in a huge range of chemical processing areas, from explosives to detergents and from batteries to resins. It can detect exotherms from as little as 0.005 °C/min, corresponding to as little as 100W/tonne. It can test all manner of materials from high energy solids to low energy gases for safety applications in processing, storage or transportation.

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