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SAW Instruments Adds samX to Biosensor Product Family

SAW Instruments, a provider of biosensor-based laboratory instruments for research in life sciences, has added a new biosensor to its family of SAW biosensor products. The samX biosensor is to be launched at the MipTec 2011, scheduled to be held from September 20 to 22 in Basel, Switzerland.

samX biosensor

The samX biosensor has a couple of new workflow-driven features. The count of channels has been increased to eight. The system also has the capability to address the channels individually and in combinations.

SAW Instruments does not use SPR or such conventional optical methods for biological measurement. It uses surface acoustic waves technology, which can measure conformational modifications in membranes, vesicles and cells. The SAW technology is a cost-effective solution. The sam5 GREEN system has disposable, pre-coated, built-in user tracking of sensor chips. It also has the facility to monitor the lifetime of fluidic cells.

Application specialists from SAW Instruments would be demonstrating the samX biosensor at the MipTec 2011. The company has made available personal slots for researchers, to allow them to experience the differences and advantages of the biosensor system. The reservations can be made through the company’s website. SAW Instruments will also be presenting a poster entitled “Binding Kinetics of Therapeutic Antibodies to Native Proteins on Living Cells”, at the MipTec 2011.


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