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PositiveID Develops Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Measurement Device

PositiveID, a developer of medical devices and diagnostic systems for diabetes management, bio-threat detection and rapid testing, has announced that the clinical trial of Easy Check, a non-invasive device for the detection of breath glucose, will be launched for diabetic patients in a few weeks.

Easy Check Positive ID

Easy Check has been designed to eliminate pricking of a patient’s finger for blood sugar reading. Being developed in Israel, Easy Check measures the acetone level in the exhaled breath of the patient. The presence of spiked acetone levels corresponds to excessive blood glucose level. The technology behind the Easy Check device is a patent-pending reagent cell capable of mixing the exhaled aid of the patient with a chemical compound that triggers a chemical reaction, which is measured by the Easy Check device and interpreted as the relative glucose level of the patient.

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PositiveID, William J Caragol explained that once the device is launched for clinical trial, it will eliminate the painful finger-pricking process associated with blood glucose measurement. Furthermore, the non-invasive Easy Check device will facilitate frequent testing of diabetes, allowing improved management of the same.

The National Diabetes Fact Sheet of 2011 indicates that more than 8% of the American population that includes 25 million adults and children is diabetic. In the USA alone, the cost of diabetes diagnosed is an estimated $200 billion.

In 2011, the FDA cleared iglucose, a mobile health system developed by PositiveID for management of diabetes. By using wireless technology, iglucose helps diabetic patients to self-manage their condition by linking the patient to data-capable glucometers and the diabetes management portal using which the glucose reading is shared with healthcare professionals, caregivers and family members.

PositiveID is currently developing the iglucose glucometer, the GlucoChip and EasyCheck.


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