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Control Company Introduces Advanced Data Loggers to Monitor Humidity and Temperature

Control Company, today launched two state-of-the-art data logging devices, Excursion-Trac™ and Memory-Loc™, that monitor temperature and humidity, crucial for environments where there is a requirement to prevent and control condensation, mold, corrosion, warping or other damage of materials.

Humidity impacts the properties of air and all materials that are exposed to the air. Water vapor, a prominent greenhouse gas, is extremely significant in relation to weather and climate. Measurement is particularly vital for products like pharmaceuticals, foods and chemicals.

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Materials stored are susceptible to damage from their surrounding environments. Environments such as telecommunications or data center operations are required to keep moisture levels stable and within suitable ranges. Similarly, healthcare equipment, storage, and processes can be negatively impacted and result in damages should moisture levels decrease or rise beyond the proposed range.

Any facility—medical, agriculture or telecommunications‑ needs to protect equipment, materials and the like from environmental variations in temperature and humidity—without fail. There is no room for error. Our data logging products provide that level of insurance that any and all equipment or materials are preserved in the right temperature conditions for optimal use and safety.

Mike Blazes, CEO, Control Company

Industry regulations demand for storage areas to maintain 30% and 60% relative humidity. If moisture levels increase or decrease beyond this range, sterility of any equipment stored can be put at risk and will not be suited for patient usage. Traceable® Excursion-Trac™ Datalogger Hygrometer monitors the humidity levels of the environment, delivering recorded data in a CSV format that can easily be transmitted from the thermometer to any computer using a USB flash drive.

Both products possess data logging and monitoring capabilities with csv downloadable data. These devices meet CLIA requirements.

Monitoring the temperature and humidity of a storage environment is a basic element in the overall preservation of materials. As with all of our products, our goal is to help professionals needing to monitor any environmental changes such as temperature or humidity. The features we integrate into our data logging products provide that necessary added layer of insurance.

Mike Blazes, CEO, Control Company

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