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InVisage’s QuantumFilm Image Sensor Wins Prestigious Wall Street Journal Award

InVisage’s QuantumFilm Technology has been awarded the 2010 Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award. InVisage Technology, an innovative company based in Silicon Valley, has created this groundbreaking technology in the semiconductor category, to radically improve image quality for portable digital devices.

QuantumFilm is a quantum dot-based material substituting silicon and used in image sensors absorbing four times more light than the other regular silicon image sensors thereby producing superior quality images.

QuantumFilm’s core is quantum dots which are bite sized semiconductor resources, crafted to possess extraordinary light absorbing properties. It functions by arresting a light image, and using the underlying silicon to read out the image, and transform it to digital signals. InVisage has spent almost three years of research on quantum dots to create extremely sensitive image sensing systems that can be assimilated with InVisage’s standard CMOS manufacturing applications, the net product being an image sensor with phenomenal light capturing properties.

According to John M. Leger, a journal news editor who handles the Innovation Awards, the judges were enamored of InVisage’s QuantumFilm Technology, and were looking forward to it being used in diverse consumer products.

Jess Lee, CEO InVisage Technology, revealed that the company’s total dedication to sense out innovative solutions beyond the normal conventional silicon image sensor model was the basis for QuantumFilm’s development. The QuantumFilm is all set to become the rage as a next generation camera platform, as it facilitates end-users to take superior quality photographs, with devices such as cell phones, even in bad lighting conditions.

Wall Street Journal received around 600 entries for these awards, out of which only 8% were declared as winners.


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