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Edinburgh Sensors Announces the Launch of its New GasboxNG

The Boxed Gascard is a convenient and robust desktop unit for fast and reliable CO2 measurement

Livingston-based Edinburgh Sensors has announced the latest development in its NG range of gas sensor products, a Boxed Gascard.

The Boxed Gascard provides users with access to the Gascard NG range of CO2 detection products in a convenient and robust desktop unit.

Requiring only a suitable power supply and sample gas, the Boxed Gascard provides fast and reliable CO2 concentration data over a wide range of barometric pressures and environmental temperatures. It brings the accuracy and reliability of the Gascard NG gas sensors to the convenience of a desktop instrument.

Suitable for CO2 monitoring in a diverse range of applications, it can be used in the areas of anaerobic digestion monitoring to plant physiology where the carbon dioxide concentration in air-like atmospheres needs to be measured from ppm to tens of percent concentration.

A bit-switch controlled 4-20mA or 0-20mA output is ideally suited for interacting with most data loggers. Alternatively, the optional RS232 interface and NG logger software may be used to log the concentration information onto a PC (with a serial to USB converter) or suitable tablet computer.

A new aluminium enclosure provides an elegant and robust solution to housing the Gascard NG. This also provides a versatile point sensor that may be used in many applications where a sensor is needed to remotely monitor carbon dioxide concentrations.

The heart of the Boxed Gascard is the Gascard which uses a pseudo dual beam NDIR measurement system for increased stability and the reduction of long term drift with minimum optical complexity and no moving parts.

Edinburgh Sensors Sales Manager, Julie McCormick, says ”The new Boxed Gascard fills the gap between our fully featured Guardian NG wall mounted gas monitor product and the OEM Gascard NG  designed for OEM customers who may wish to incorporate it into their own equipment. The GasboxNG now adds a point sensor to the NG range"  

Edinburgh Sensors are very excited about showcasing the Boxed Gascard and their other products at the Sensor and Test Exhibition in Nurnberg from 26th-28th June.


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