LeddarTech a Québec City-based high-tech company that develops and commercializes high-performance, low-cost solid-state light detection and ranging (LiDAR) solutions, today announced the launch of the Leddar T16 and M16-LSR, a pair of 2D solid-state LiDAR sensors suitable for an extensive range of transport and mobility applications.

The launch of these two products, which adds to the growing portfolio of LeddarTech’s LiDAR solutions, is taking place at the ITS World Congress in Copenhagen, booth C4-056 from September 17 to 21 2018

Leddar T16 Traffic Sensor: Key Features

The Leddar T16 Traffic Sensor is a robust flash solid state LiDAR (SSL) designed specifically for traffic monitoring applications. It features a high measurement rate of 200Hz, which enables the reliable detection of vehicles of all sizes while in motion, including high-speed vehincles, and provides a superior ability to distinguish between various objects that can include tailgating vehicles, towed vehicles and hitched wagons.

The Leddar T16 leverages patented Leddar digital signal processing technology to enable vehicle detection and profiling in the most demanding weather conditions, making it ideally suited for free-flow e-tolling applications.

Leddar M16-LSR Solid-State-LiDAR Module: Key Features

The Leddar M16-LSR is a cost-effective multi-target LiDAR module with 16 independent segments for rapid and continuous detection of multiple simultaneous moving objects. Using cost-effective laser sources, the M16-LSR features a detection range of up to 165 m (500 ft). It is offered in various beam options enabling the field of view to be tailored to application-specific purposes.

Above: The new Leddar T16 & M16-LSR LiDAR sensors provide cost-effective solutions for vehicle detection and profiling in intelligent transportation system applications.

LeddarTech will be unveiling the Leddar T16 Traffic Sensor and Leddar M16-LSR solid-state LiDAR module in greater detail during the ITS WORLD Congress this week. Delegates are invited to join LeddarTech for a demonstration at booth C4-056.

About ITS 2018

ITS WORLD Congress is an annual exhibition in which stakeholders from across the ERTICO partnership showcase their experience and technology to other experts in the transport and automotive sector.

The trade show invites thought leaders and product developers in the connected and automated driving, urban mobility, clean mobility, and transport and logistics sectors to share their thoughts and products with like-minded professionals.

About LeddarTech

LeddarTech is the developer and owner of Leddar, a patented solid-state LiDAR sensing technology that constitutes a novel approach to light detection and ranging. Developed over 10+ years of R&D, Leddar is a unique combination of advanced light wave digital signal processing and software algorithms that enable the production of solid-state LiDARs delivering superior performance and reliability at a highly competitive price.

LeddarTech sensors are used in multiple mobility-related markets including automotive, intelligent transport systems, drones, and industrial vehicles. LeddarTech's technology contributes to improving our safety and our quality of life through applications minimizing the risks of accidents, reducing traffic congestion, and improving transport efficiency.

Additional information about IDT is accessible at www.LeddarTech.com. Follow LeddarTech on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube

Contact: Daniel Aitken, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Leddartech

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