Posted in | Gas Sensor Releases TR250Z for Simplified, Cost-Effective Oxygen Calibration Process, a leading designer and supplier of sensors, indoor air quality monitors, carbon dioxide and other gas meters, has launched a novel 25% Oxygen Level Sensing device for lessening the maintenance expenses by modifying the measurement procedures.

Oxygen sensing units can be deployed in oxygen deficient environments such as vacuum test chambers, enclosed "permit-required" spaces, liquid nitrogen storages or in any pressurized gaseous workzones.

The oxygen detectors are also capable of determining air leakages inside the covered glove boxes employed in many industrial and scientific purposes for the manufacturing of light bulbs etc.

The oxygen sensing systems are generally taken out and monitored manually by the experts utilizing a voltage meter in pure nitrogenous conditions. Inappropriate measurements will be produced if the guidelines are improperly executed. This conventional methodology is highly susceptible to errors and with the changing staffs and increased cost of the process, the evaluation methods will become flaccid leading to the requirement of more manual power thus damaging the health of the operators.

The TR250Z oxygen detector is highly specific, that it can be deployed for measurement as such in the system by simply pressing a button and can be used for monitoring any gas with a calibrated oxygen level. The process does not require any prior gas sensing expertise and can be calibrated with the help of an integral LED display unit inturn lowering the labor expenses and maintenance.

The TR250Z satisfies the 4-20mA industry-standard criteria for use in process controllers as well as the RS-485 standard for improved applications requiring the accurate transference of the sensor measurements.


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