TT Electronics Extends Power Rating Range with Addition of Smaller Size to Family of Water Insoluble Nitride Thin Film Precision Resistors

TT Electronics has introduced the WIN-T0402, which is a smaller size extension of the existing three sizes of Water Insoluble Nitride (WIN) Thin Film Precision Resistors. This smaller size allows our new generation of tantalum nitride precision chip resistors to be used in more compact applications. With a rating of 50mW and 75V, this product is aimed at signal processing applications where small footprint and high reliability are paramount.

The WIN series resistor features a Water Insoluble Nitride film to resist the moisture vulnerability problems of nichrome and passivated nichrome resistor film technologies. Prior to the introduction of this series, this was only possible using high cost military grade tantalum nitride products. This inherent moisture resistance means users do not need to rely on expensive assembly-level sealing or encapsulation production processes.

The WIN-T0402 also delivers highly stable, predictable life drift and high reliability even in exceptionally humid or polluted environments or in the event of damage to the component’s coating. This is due to its ability to self-passivate by forming a very stable oxide layer, which protects the resistor from moisture failures associated with nichrome resistor films.

With this new addition, the WIN series is now available in T0402, 0603, 0805 and 1206 sizes at 0.05W, 0.1W, 0.25W and 0.33W respectively. The series now offers resistance values from 7R5 to 1M0 with a tolerance of TCR of +25ppm/°C.  These features combined with sulfur resistant terminations make the WIN series an ideal choice for mission critical applications in harsh environments in medical, aerospace and industrial fields.

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