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Thickness Measurement System

The system refers to non-contact thickness measurement equipment and is intended for precise measuring of thickness of sheet materials such as tapes, boards, plates, and so on. It is a stand-alone software and hardware system that contains laser sensors (or contact encoders) and an indication device.

​​​​Figure 1. Scheme #1 with one sensor (left) and Scheme #2 with two sensors (right)

​​​​​​​Image Credit: RIFTEK

The system can support an unlimited number of thickness control points. Each control point is one sensor mounted according to Scheme #1 (Figure below, left) or two sensors mounted according to Scheme #2 (Figure below, right).

According to Scheme #1 (one sensor for one point), the material thickness is a difference between the distance from the base surface on which the material is located, and the distance to the upper surface of the material measured by a sensor. The sensor position is calibrated relative to the base surface.

According to Scheme #2 (two sensors for one point), the material thickness is a difference of distances to the material surfaces measured by each of the sensors. The position of sensors is calibrated relative to each other.

The indication device is intended for the system configuration and calibration, receive information from sensors, analyze and display the measurement results.

The system is successfully used in mass production for metal sheets thickness measurement.

Thickness Measurement System Manual contains detailed information on the system.



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