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FLIR Launches Thermal Fence Virtual Perimeter Alert System

FLIR Infrared Cameras & Thermal Imaging has launched a completely integrated virtual perimeter alert system which makes use of thermal security cameras for simultaneous assessment and threat detection.

The FLIR Thermal Fence is a combination of video analytics software, IP thermal security cameras and other intrusion detection sensors for creating a virtual perimeter surveillance system. This turnkey solution would integrate and display in one convenient display, the feedback and status from all perimeter security sensors.

Trip line of a FLIR Thermal Fence

The FLIR Thermal Fence would give automated perimeter approach surveillance, alert capabilities and intrusion detection for all perimeter security applications such as petrochemical facilities, critical infrastructure, nuclear facilities, residential and commercial installations which employ several FLIR sensors manager (FSM) software and FLIR thermal security cameras. Thermal infrared cameras can see through dust, smoke, total darkness, light fog and bright sunlight, much more than any other night vision technology available in the market.

The fence could be built either as simple or complex systems for meeting different needs. Simple systems include just a single thermal security camera with FLIR sensor manager software, while complex systems incorporate a number of thermal infrared cameras, non-video alarm sensors, CCTV cameras such as FDIDs and shaker fences onto the already existing IP network for a layered perimeter defense system.

The FLIR thermal fence is much less intrusive than a costly lighting infrastructure and is also less expensive than the installation of a new physical barrier. Algorithms which are specifically created for working with thermal video are made use of in FSM’s advanced video analytics, which permit creation of customized rules for exclusion zones, trip wires, directional alarming, and temperature alarms and at the same time also provide a very low rate of false alarms when compared to other systems.



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