MadgeTech Launches Comprehensive Leaf Wetness Data Logging Device LF110

MadgeTech has introduced the LF110, a complete leaf wetness data logging system for accurately measuring and recording water and even ice on leaves. It detects the presence of water and also notes down the quantity of water.

Leaf Wetness Data Logging Device LF110

This sensor reacts in the same way as a real leaf to different environments. This system includes a leaf wetness sensor, weatherproof enclosed space and a data logger.

The LF110 is a low cost system suitable for monitoring frost cycles, studies on irrigation and forecasting for plant diseases. It includes software-configurable memory wrap, which would support longer deployments on the basis of weather conditions and can record up to 32,767 observations. Even if the battery gets discharged, maximum data security is provided by the storage medium, which is solid state memory and non-volatile.

Software and an IFC200 interface cable are necessary for usage along with the LF110. It is possible to start and stop the system with the help of the MadgeTech software from a computer. The life-span of its battery is 10 years and it can read at a rate of 1 s for almost 12 h. It is made from ABS plastic and has a baud rate of 57,600. With a voltage calibrated accuracy of ±0.01% this device has obtained CE approval.


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