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Oxygen and Oxygen-Carbon Dioxide Combination Sensors

A new line of oxygen and oxygen-carbon dioxide combination sensors have been introduced by


The simplified calibration process in these sensors significantly reduces the maintenance cost. Both sensors, namely, TR250Z Oxygen Sensor and Oxygen- Carbon Dioxide Combination Sensor, are calibrated with an in-situ push button which uses normal room air. Faster calibration at regular intervals can be done by maintenance staff. They can also be monitored by manual calibration or off-site for FDA, ISO or other compliance certification.

Calibration is not necessary for monitoring under normal conditions. Therefore, these sensors are significantly efficient in the absence of oxygen and are very useful for cryogenic labs, vacuum test chambers, liquid nitrogen storage (cryo rooms), in labs displacing oxygen with pressurized gases and “permit required” enclosed places. Oxygen sensors are utilized for the detection of air leakage within sealed glove boxes and oxygen-carbon dioxide combination sensors are used in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) operations for the package and transportation of vegetables, fruit, agricultural storage, meat, poultry and also used for environmental safety practices.

Ray Hicks, President of stated that calibrating oxygen sensors are crucial and will meet the requirements of compliance officers and maintenance managers in industries. The industry standard 4-20mA protocol and RS-485, which are used for process control and advanced applications respectively, are supported by the sensors in addition to their inventive calibration characteristics.


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