Gas Sensing Solutions Secure New Funding for Development of IAQ Sensors

Gas Sensing Solutions Ltd, in conjunction with project partners Solar Press Ltd and Seamless Sensing Ltd, have secured a UK Government Technology Strategy Board (TSB) Collaborative Research & Development Project. GSS is the lead partner for the project.

This project addresses need for an energy harvesting methodology compatible with economic deployment of and extended battery life/ self powering for existing low power consumption combined non-dispersive infra-red (NDIR) carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity sensors.

The project will investigate the feasibility of flexible plastic based organic photovoltaics (OPV) as the energy harvesting medium. Primary focus is wireless sensor usage within buildings for indoor air quality, energy reduction and for indoor gardening.

A key objective is assessment and optimisation of OPV for use in indoor, low lighting conditions. Other key activities include power management interface with the sensor modules and use with rechargeable batteries and/or super capacitors.

The OPV power harvesting methodology provides potential for low cost “fit and forget” deployment of CO2/ temperature/ humidity sensors in smart wireless sensor networks. The consortium includes end user assessment by Schneider Electric Industries, Sontay Ltd and Ecotechnics Ltd.

The project brings together world-class capability in NDIR gas sensors, OPV and energy management.

GSS manufactures and distributes the world’s lowest power consumption and fastest response CO2 NDIR sensors trademarked as COZIR and SprintIR and respectively. These patented sensors have received international acclaim as an emerging technology likely to lead to energy reduction.

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