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  • Article - 14 Feb 2014
    Dr John Newstead at Delta-T Devices talks to AZoSensors about the application and development of the PR2 soil measurement sensing technology.
  • Article - 5 Dec 2013
    HVAC is the biggest contributor to residential energy bills as well as carbon emissions. HVAC accounts for 43% of residential energy consumption in the US and 61% in Canada and the UK.
  • Article - 28 Nov 2013
    Jerry C. Drew, President, Network Thermostat, talks to AZoSensors about communicating thermostat solutions as an energy management system.
  • Article - 24 Oct 2013
    A level sensor is a device for determining the level or amount of fluids, liquids or other substances that flow in an open or closed system. There are two types of level measurements, namely,...
  • Article - 21 Oct 2013
    A silicon bandgap temperature sensor is a type of thermometer or temperature detector commonly employed in electronic devices.
  • Article - 21 Oct 2013
    An exhaust gas temperature (EGT) gauge is a meter used for measuring the exhaust gas temperature of an internal combustion engine in combination with a thermocouple-type pyrometer.
  • Article - 10 Oct 2013
    The thermometer was developed over several years by a number of people - Cornelis Drebbel, Robert Fludd, Galileo Galilei and Santorio Santorio. The word thermometer was derived from two Greek word...
  • Article - 10 Oct 2013
    An infrared thermometer is a device that measures the infrared radiation – a type of electromagnetic radiation below the visible spectrum of light - emitted by an object.
  • Article - 30 Sep 2013
    A tilt sensor is an instrument that is used for measuring the tilt in two axes of a reference plane in two axes. Tilt sensors measure the tilting position with reference to gravity and are used in a...
  • Article - 5 Jul 2013
    A turbine speed sensor, also called as an input speed sensor, is used for measuring the performance of the turbine.