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  • Article - 20 Jun 2013
    A water sensor is a device used in the detection of the water level for various applications, and can come in various designs.
  • Article - 15 Jun 2013
    A geophone is a ground motion transducer that has been used by geophysicists and seismologists to convert ground movement into voltage. Any deviation in this measured voltage from the base line is...
  • Article - 6 May 2013
    Nunzio Gambale, CEO of Locata Corporation Ltd., talks to AZoSensors about reliable Outdoor/Indoor Positioning Technology.
  • Article - 1 May 2013
    Mike Mossage talks to AZoSensors about Low-frequency Acoustic Sensor Technology.
  • Article - 17 Apr 2013
    OEMs are choosing to include custom strain gauge sensing technologies into finished product designs as a way of achieving greater business advantage.
  • Article - 11 Mar 2013
    Dr. Temoc Rodriguez, Principal Engineer at Cambridge Consultants talks to AZoSensors about Accurate Liquid Measurement with Fringe Effect Level Technology.
  • Article - 7 Mar 2013
    Various sensors have been developed to assess the quality of foodstuff and beverage and also for monitoring the industrial processes.
  • Article - 1 Mar 2013
    Detection of atomic and subatomic particles such as neutrons is usually carried out using the signature produced by these particles.
  • Article - 21 Feb 2013
    Francois Guibert, Executive VP and President, Greater China & South Asia Region, STMicroelectronics talks to AZoSensors about Sensor Technology and Power Efficiency.
  • Article - 21 Feb 2013
    Ivo Stivoric, CTO & Vice President of New Products at BodyMedia, Inc. talks to AZoSensors about Multi-Sensor Armband Technology to Monitor Health.