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  • Article - 16 Sep 2018
    Nano-sensors are chemical or mechanical sensors used to detect and convey information about the presence of chemical species and nanoparticles.
  • Article - 20 Jun 2018
    In this interview, Michael Sullivan speaks to AZoSensors about IoT Sensors and Sensors Expo 2018.
  • Article - 4 May 2018
    Colorimeters are widely used in the sciences to detect the color of a solution and determine its concentration. There have been many uses of colorimeters within the chemical sciences and colorimetry...
  • Article - 4 Jul 2017
    Chemical sensors, of varying composition, are used across a wide range of industries to detect changes within a physical environment. Of the various compositions, graphene sensors have surged of late,...
  • Article - 18 Apr 2017
    One of the earliest applications of sensor technology was developed and applied by Wilhelm von Siemens in 1860 in an effort to further understand the temperature sensitivity of a copper resistor, and...
  • Article - 23 Mar 2017
    CM Senior Systems Scientist George Kantor is part of the multidisciplinary research endeavor FarmView, whose primary goal is the sustained improvement of the management of crop breeding practices...
  • Article - 31 Oct 2013
    A carbon paste electrode is a particular type of electrochemical sensor widely used in voltammetric experiments, made up of carbon paste.
  • Article - 21 Feb 2013
    Francois Guibert, Executive VP and President, Greater China & South Asia Region, STMicroelectronics talks to AZoSensors about Sensor Technology and Power Efficiency.
  • Article - 27 Nov 2012
    This article is part of a series on sensing the human body and discusses the medical application of an electronic nose in the detection of diseases.
  • Article - 17 Oct 2012
    In this interview, Prof. Pelagia-Irene Gouma talks to AZoSensors about her work on a novel nano-sensor based asthma monitoring device.