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  • Article - 9 Oct 2013
    Broadly speaking, pyrometers belong to a class of thermometers that are used for measuring only high temperatures. However, today they have been modified to measure low temperatures as well.
  • Article - 5 Oct 2013
    Fiber optic sensors are fiber-based devices that use optical fibers to detect certain quantities such as mechanical strain or temperature, concentrations of chemical species, acceleration, rotations,...
  • Article - 15 Aug 2019
    Most modern car engines are fitted with an array of different sensors, which gather data to calculate a perfect air-fuel mixture for the best fuel economy.
  • Article - 29 Jul 2015
    Paul Clayton, Director of Automotive Products for FLIR Commercial Systems, talks to AZoSensors about IR technology in the automotive industry and night time driving.
  • Article - 24 Nov 2021
    Researchers have developed a hybrid SERS platform, supported by a nanoplasmonic porous silicon membrane, capable of detecting trace levels of VOCs.
  • Article - 24 Aug 2017
    Temperature is measured by an infrared intemperature probe by detecting the infrared energy produced by all materials which are at temperatures higher than absolute zero, (0 °K).
  • Article - 28 Aug 2014
    Laser triangulation sensors determine the position of a target by measuring the reflected light from the target surface. Based on their intended application and performance, these sensors can be...
  • Article - 28 Nov 2013
    Jerry C. Drew, President, Network Thermostat, talks to AZoSensors about communicating thermostat solutions as an energy management system.
  • Article - 16 Jan 2023
    NOx and associated chemical species have been implicated in several health conditions. Learn about the importance of NOx monitoring in this article.
  • Article - 20 Sep 2022
    Several different technological approaches have been proposed to promptly identify counterfeit products. New research proposes the use of thin film sensors in anti-counterfeit efforts.