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  • Article - 20 Jul 2013
    An actinometer is a device that is used to measure the intensity of solar radiation. It involves a chemistry technique that determines the number of photons by measuring the rate of change of...
  • Article - 18 Jul 2013
    A recent paper has described a system concept termed neural dust - a low power miniaturized system to support brain-machine interfaces described as free-floating sensor nodes.
  • Article - 8 Jul 2013
    A revolutionary sensory substitution device allowing the visually impaired to "see with sound".
  • Article - 5 Jul 2013
    A turbine speed sensor, also called as an input speed sensor, is used for measuring the performance of the turbine.
  • Article - 5 Jul 2013
    A chloride ion sensor is a sensing element combined with a wireless embedded sensor platform to measure the concentration of chloride in a material.
  • Article - 29 Jun 2013
    Traffic congestion is one of the major problems in several developing countries due to the lack of an efficient traffic management system. Car parking is a key factor in addition to the congestion...
  • Article - 28 Jun 2013
    Dr. Sinéad O'Keeffe, Research Fellow, Optical Fibre Sensors Research Centre, University of Limerick, talks to AZoSensors about Sensor Technology for Radiotherapy Monitoring.
  • Article - 20 Jun 2013
    A water sensor is a device used in the detection of the water level for various applications, and can come in various designs.
  • Article - 17 Jun 2013
    A sun sensor is a device that senses the direction to the Sun to measure the position of the sun or other light sources with respect to the sensor position.
  • Article - 12 Jun 2013
    Increasing rate of traffic injuries highlights the need for adopting appropriate measures so that automotive travel becomes a safer and more practical way of transportation.