Early Breast Cancer Screening "Smart Bra"

First Warning Systems, Inc., have developed a new non-invasive dynamic temperature analysis system for breast tissue. The new technology is made up of bioinformatic software  that encompasses computer-aided functions including temperature analysis, and statistical analysis - technology that has been integrated into a 'Smart Bra' and could offer an alternative screening method for breast cancer. The aim of this new technology is to detect tumours in their early phase of development with the aim of cutting the likelihood of false-positive and negative results.

The sensor bra can be divided into two functional parts: 1. a thermal sensor device that is placed inside a bra to measure the temperature of cells and to monitor this over a set period of time to detect for any fluctutation in this parameter as a consequence of possible changes in blood vessel growth, change that is assocaited with the development of tumours. 2. The second element to this "Smart Bra" system involves a software system that interprets the sensory data with a focus on chronology to help provide a better understanding of the changing physiology of breast tissue. The following video is an introduction to the "Smart Bra" by First Warning Systems Inc.

Run time - 3:56 minutes.

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