NTC Thermistor Technology for Neonatal Incubators

Neonatal warmers and incubators are microenvironment systems designed to deliver excellent thermoregulation for babies that are born prematurely.

NTC Thermistor Technology for Neonatal Incubators

These devices can provide effective healing settings for neonatal intensive care patients. They achieve this via a combination of complex temperature measurements, protection from cold, and the maintenance of high air humidity.

Amphenol Advanced Sensors’ role in this vital application is the provision of high precision, robust assemblies which utilize NTC thermistor technology to measure temperature.

How Amphenol Advanced Sensors Can Help

Amphenol Advanced Sensors offers a broad range of MA100 and MA300 type interchangeable NTC chip thermistor assemblies. The NTC chip is housed in a metal disk or plastic cap for its protection, this is attached directly to a newborn’s skin using a reflective adhesive patch.

Thermal transfer is a core consideration in the design of thermistors, with changes in resistance being triggered by changes in the patient’s skin temperature. The thermistor assembly passes this information back to the OEM controller, enabling the critical measurement of temperature to be monitored continuously.

NTC Thermistor Technology for Neonatal Incubators

Why Partner with Amphenol Advanced Sensors?

Alongside its wide product range, Amphenol Advanced Sensors is able to customize a unique solution for each individual customer, designed specifically to meet their requirements.

NTC Thermistor Technology for Neonatal Incubators

This may involve terminating to a custom plug which directly interfaces with an OEM warmer or incubator (such as the A341 series), or the addition of an enhanced cable construction designed to maximize the robustness of a re-usable design (such as the A468 series).

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