The Benefits of Predictive Thermometry

Predictive Thermometry is a repeatable, accurate, and rapidly responding means of reading the temperature of patients in any age group, within a clinical setting.

The Benefits of Predictive Thermometry

While conventional glass bulb thermometers take around 3 minutes to reach equilibrium with patient body temperature, a predictive thermometer is capable of analyzing temperature data collected via an NTC thermistor in order to provide a precise reading in 4 to 10 seconds.

In this application, Amphenol Advanced Sensors takes on a crucial role by supplying accurate, robust assemblies which employ NTC thermistor technology for temperature measurement.

How Amphenol Advanced Sensors Can Help

Thermometrics, Inc. carries an extensive line of interchangeable NTC chip thermistors from Amphenol Advanced Sensors, including Types 65, MA, and SC. These NTC thermistors are designed for rapid response in compact packages while maintaining superior accuracy.

Additionally, it is possible to integrate NTC thermistors into customer-specific designs in order to provide robust construction while guaranteeing long life in demanding clinical environments. This integrated approach allows the thermometer to provide appropriate diagnostic information, acquiring an accurate body temperature reading in a few seconds.

The Benefits of Predictive Thermometry

What makes Amphenol Advanced Sensors better?

As well as its existing product catalog, Amphenol Advanced Sensors can customize a unique solution for each individual customer. The company’s focus on thermodynamic properties during assembly design is essential in matching a customer’s measurement protocol.

The Benefits of Predictive Thermometry

Amphenol Advanced Sensors can provide an NTC thermistor, a subassembly, or a fully-completed device, depending on the customer’s specific requirements.

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