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Liquid Analysis Simplified - Discover Memosens

insights from industryThomas ChirdoLiquid Analysis Product Marketing ManagerEndress + Hauser

Please introduce yourself and your role at Endress+Hauser.

My name is Thomas Chirdo, and I am the National Product Manager overseeing our Liquid Analysis products, including Memosens, our digital sensor technology.

With Memosens, a chip embedded in the sensor head stores all pertinent information, freeing you from reliance on the transmitter. This flexibility allows you to easily remove the sensor from the process, conduct necessary maintenance and calibration in the lab, and seamlessly reintegrate it into the system.

How does the Memobase Plus contribute to compliance with regulatory standards like FDA 21 CFR Part 11?

The Memobase Plus plays a crucial role in ensuring compliance with regulatory standards such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11. As a laboratory-based or PC-based transmitter system, it enables users to connect sensors to their laptops or PCs, where all sensor activities are meticulously recorded. This includes measurements, calibrations, and any other relevant data, which are stored securely in Memobase and the PC database.

Moreover, Memobase Plus facilitates the generation of verifiable reports essential for regulatory audits or submissions. Compliant with 21 CFR Part 11, it offers customizable permission settings, allowing users to control access for various activities such as making changes, performing calibrations, or conducting system checks. Importantly, it provides data integrity by preventing unauthorized tampering with the stored data.

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How does managing sensor life cycles with technologies like the Memobase Plus affect lab and industrial settings?

The combination of Memobase Plus and Memosens inductive data technology on our sensors provides a comprehensive monitoring solution for sensor health and lifespan. This integration facilitates the exchange of diagnostic information between the sensor and the transmitter or Memobase Plus system. Consequently, users gain insights into the sensor's condition, its current life cycle stage, and when maintenance actions such as cleaning, calibration, or replacement are warranted.

By leveraging this wealth of data, users can establish more informed maintenance schedules tailored to their specific processes. Over time, the accumulated database enables adjustments to maintenance cycles based on real-time sensor feedback, thereby optimizing operational efficiency and ensuring process integrity.

Explain the integration of predictive maintenance with Industrial Internet of Things capabilities and advancements in sensor technologies, particularly those through the Memosens technology.

One challenge we face is transmitting detailed diagnostics and maintenance information from the probe to you. With the limitations of the 4-20 mA signal, it's difficult to convey more than basic data. However, leveraging digital communication protocols like Modbus or EtherNet/IP enables us to transmit comprehensive diagnostic information, including sensor health and life cycle data, to your control systems.

Moreover, you can generate verifiable reports containing this information and seamlessly integrate them into your control systems for further analysis and record-keeping. This ensures that you have access to crucial sensor insights and maintenance records, enhancing operational efficiency and facilitating informed decision-making.

What types of sensors are compatible with Memobase?

With the Memobase Plus system, you can connect pH, ORP (oxidation-reduction potential), conductivity, and dissolved oxygen sensors. These sensors cover a range of important parameters for monitoring and controlling various processes, offering comprehensive insights into water quality, chemical reactions, and environmental conditions.

About the speaker

Thomas is the National Product Marketing Manager for Liquid Analysis and is responsible for the strategic direction, application and industry support, marketing and business development of the product line. He has a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering and extensive application and industry knowledge in the field of Liquid Analysis sensors and analyzers. Prior to becoming a Product Marketing Manager, he was the Liquid Analysis Product Business Manager for the West Coast for 2 years and an Inside Sales Engineer for 1 year. He graduated from UT Tyler and have been in the industry for 4 years.

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