Ultra 1000-IR series Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Sensor from Pem-Tech, Inc.

Ultra 1000-IR series is a microprocessor based sensor for detection of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) gas using Infrared sensor technology. The self- contained sensor features user friendly interface and menu driven calibration procedure and configuration.

Ultra 1000-IR uses NDIR (Non Dispersive Infrared) technique to monitor the CO2 vapors. The detection principle is based on measuring the absorption of infrared radiation using dual wavelength infrared detectors. The IR detectors measure the intensity of two wavelengths, one absorbed by the target gases and other unaffected by the target gases. The gas concentration is determined by comparing the detector signals.

The complete sensor consists of a stainless steel sensor head assembly, a user connection board and a transmitter board assembly. All of the sensor electronics are enclosed in an explosion proof instrument box. Sensor also features a programmable alarm relay contact and Linear 4-20mA analog output.

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