4375 Miniature Piezoelectric Accelerometer from Brüel & Kjær

The Brüel & Kjær transducer range incorporates accelerometers suitable for most application requirements. In addition to the comprehensive range of piezoelectric accelerometers described in this Data Sheet, Brüel & Kjær supply accelerometers for heavy-duty industrial use and transducers specifically designed for special-purpose applications.

The active element of Brüel & Kjær accelerometers consists of piezoelectric discs or slices loaded by seismic masses and held in position by a clamping arrangement. When the accelerometer is subjected to vibration, the combined seismic mass exerts a variable force on the piezoelectric element. Due to the piezoelectric effect, this force produces a corresponding electrical charge.

For frequencies from DC up to approximately one third of the resonance frequency of the accelerometer assembly, the acceleration of the seismic mass is equal to the acceleration of the whole transducer. Consequently, the charge produced by the piezoelectric element is proportional to the acceleration to which the transducer is subjected.

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