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CMOS Image Sensors - Emerald Family

Teledyne e2v is proud to offer its customers the cutting-edge new Emerald Family of CMOS image sensors. This state-of-the-art product family has the world beating with the smallest true global shutter pixel that is available commercially (2.8 µm). Offering higher resolutions and a smaller optical format, the brand-new sensors give customers improved performance at a reduced system cost.

Ground Breaking CMOS Image Sensors

The new generation of image sensors can be used with the latest generation of camera interfaces (USB3.0, USB3.1, GigE & 10GigE), thanks to a maximum frame rate speed of up to 110 fps, full resolution at 10 bits. Emerald sensors are also equipped with High Dynamic Range (HDR) features that give a minimal total readout noise of around 2 e-.

A New Generation of Image Sensors

Emerald CMOS image sensors are a considerable improvement of Dark Signal Non Uniformity (DSNU), a ten-fold improvement over other CMOS products. This enables cameras to behave better in increased temperatures and allows long exposures to be used in low-light applications such as microscopes or outdoor cameras for surveillance, speed and traffic applications.

CMOS Image Sensors - Emerald Family

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CMOS Image Sensors - Emerald Family - Picture 2

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