Laser Line Profile Sensor for 3D Scanning: Gocator® 2490

The Gocator® 2490 3D Smart laser line profile sensor available from LMI Technologies has been engineered to scan huge targets in automotive manufacturing, packaging and logistics, and food processing applications.

The Gocator® 2490 sensor features a large measurement range and an ultra-wide field of view to realize an extensive scan area. This allows engineers to carry out comprehensive dimensional gauging and high-resolution 2D/3D quality check of huge targets at inline production speed.

  • 2.5 mm XYZ resolution for full dimensional measurement (W×H×D) at conveyor speeds of 2 m/second
  • 2 m field of view and large measurement range offer a 1 m × 1 m scan area at 800 Hz
  • Incorporated measurement tools and PLC interfaces lead to lower total system cost

High-Resolution 3D Scanning at Production Speed

The 2-megapixel imager enables the Gocator® 2490 to scan and measure 1 m × 1 m packages at resolutions of 2.5 mm and a rate of 800 Hz in X, Y, and Z axes, even at conveyor speeds of 2 m/second, for packaging and logistics applications. Competing systems usually provide a resolution of just 3–5 mm in all three dimensions.

Package volume measurement and sorting.

Package volume measurement and sorting. Image credit: LMI Technologies.

Large Scan Area

The combination of large measurement range and wide field of view allows engineers to handle a scan area of up to 1 m × 2 m for handling a wide range of huge targets (for example, transverse board scanning and automotive body frame inspection). Thanks to the high Z resolution (for height measurement), the Gocator® 2490 is ideal for applications such as food quality control and optimization.

Single 2490 scan of a car body frame.

Single 2490 scan of a car body frame. Image credit: LMI Technologies.


Depalletization. Image credit: LMI Technologies.

Baking quality control.

Baking quality control. Image credit: LMI Technologies.

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