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Ceracore USC30: Capacitive Measuring Cell

The Ceracore capacitive ceramic measuring cell — otherwise referred to as the “heart” of pressure gauges — ensures affordable, trustworthy and secure process control in millions of Endress+Hauser pressure gauges and customer-specific applications.

The new Ceracore measuring cell provides users with even better performance, increased flexibility adaptations to the application and an application-specific configurability. The latest generation of the Ceracore measuring cell guarantees dependable measurements and an exceptional level of stability thanks to:

  • Outside diameter measuring around 17.5 mm
  • Standardized ranges measuring from 0–100 mbar to 0–100 bar
  • Metallic coating of the sensor base element for enhanced EMC compatibility and decreased installation sensitivity
  • Patented metallic active solder connection of sensor base element and membrane
  • Composed of high-purity ceramic (99.9% Al2O3), highly resistant and chemically neutral to an extensive range of process media
  • Considered a dry measuring cell without using oils for pressure transmission, the Ceracore is completely vacuum-resistant
  • Linearized and temperature compensated output
  • Greatest overload resistance

Interfaces for Communication

  • Analog output signal
    • Absolut
    • Ratiometric
  • Digital output signal
    • UART
    • SPI
  • Digital and analog output signals could be integrated
  • Temperature output
  • Switching output


  • Self-monitored measuring cell for utmost safety
  • Enhanced EMC resistance
  • Communication can be done through secure protocols
  • RoHS
  • FDA-listed materials
  • Approved, for example, ATEX

Application-Specific Configuration

  • Factory pre-configured sensor (turn-down, damping, measuring range, etc.)
  • Adjustable measuring rate available for optimal resolution and power consumption
  • Power consumption <1.6 mA
  • Output of temperature signal and pressure
  • Possibility of customer-side configuration

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